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by E.Marquez
Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:51 am
Forum: 2017 Legislative Wish List
Topic: Political Capital-Prohibited Places vs Constitutional Carry
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Re: Political Capital-Prohibited Places vs Constitutional Carry

AJSully421 wrote:
mojo84 wrote:
Charles L. Cotton wrote: With the increased threat of attacks by terrorists, the need to remove unnecessary off-limits areas is greater now than in the past. Even Harvard agrees that "gun free zones" are a magnet for violent criminals.

I think think this right here is the key to getting the ball over the goal line. Well, this and the travk record LTC have established.
I agree. Knock it down to Courtrooms, airports, and prisons for license holders.
I also agree,,,,and think that tact is the right one...
Whittle away.... All or nothing will not work, and as has been stated, privet property rights are never going to be given away , not in TX
So, while Id love to see all prohibited places removed, that is an emotional jump that will never pass.

List all of the current prohibited places. in three columns.
1:Likely not to be opposed removed
2:Likely to be opposed removed
3:Likely not a place most LTC'ers are concerned with removing from the list.

The bill address all on list one, in priority most of list 2, and none of list 3 (this session)
That gives the bill supporter something to point at to thier non 2A constituents and fellow leaders.. "See, of course we dont want guns everywhere.. who in thier right mind would want a civilian carrying concealed hand gun in the locked ward of a mental institution..."

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