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by SQLGeek
Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:19 pm
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Topic: What would you do
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Re: What would you do

My threshold for armed intervention would probably be about when he started kicking and striking with the knee.

I carry primarily to defend me and mine but I'm not going to standby and watch somebody potentially get beat to death in close proximity. Especially if if I've seen the situation develop.

This is a question to ponder:

Per my understanding of the law and the circumstances, we are not obliged to give him a warning. If we do, he could run (and that would be a great outcome) or he could fight. Considering his aggression, I would not put it past him to want to fight. Is giving him a warning putting us at a tactical disadvantage?

At any rate, if you break leather, be ready to do something if needed because you just introduced a gun into this situation.

A very unfortunate scenario to see play out but a good reminder and food for thought.

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