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by kw5kw
Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:47 pm
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Topic: Oregon Governor signs bill effectively confiscating guns
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Re: Oregon Governor signs bill effectively confiscating guns

mojo84 wrote:This is a very challenging topic. We keep saying that it's not the gun but it's the person that does the harm with the guns. So, quit blaming the guns and focus on the people that are troubled and may do something to harm themselves or someone else with a gun.

If we are going to keep placing the responsibility on family members to make sure their mentally ill family member doesn't hurt themselves or others with a gun, then they need to have some legal way to get a family member help and to prevent them from doing harm to themselves or others. Rather than just saying the government is trying to make it easier to confiscate our guns, how about offering up a solution that is practical and effective. Unfortunately, taking someone to court to get them ruled mentally ill and committed or their guns confiscated takes time. While waiting for the court date and ruling, a lot of damage can be done.

So, what's the answer? Allow someone that is mentally ill to continue to possess deadly weapons while we wait on a court to deem them mentally ill or do provide a method to someone to get the mentally ill person's guns away from them temporarily until they can go to court and have a court determine their status?

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