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by Teamless
Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:15 am
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Topic: NRA Carry Guard - Level 1 Training
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Re: NRA Carry Guard - Level 1 Training

Thank you for the recap, I am interested to learn more about this course.

Firstly, WOW 1,200 rounds over 3 days, that's a lot of shots downrange!

Can you give an approximate or actual cost of the course itself, not counting any travel, ammo or other costs.
I don't know if NRA structures the cost or if the various instructors set their own costs, so if you want to give a range rather than an actual cost, that would be great.

As you say "Houston area range", which means to say you do not want to say which one. Can you say generally what part of town? I live in Clear Lake area and am just curious if it is local or 2 hours away (which could mean 30 miles at some time!)

Seems you don't want to publicly state their range or names, but seems you enjoyed the course.
If you are willing to recommend them, but not publicly state the range or their names, would you PM it to me, so I could inquire to them?

I have not seen any one advertise this course yet, other than what I read on NRA before, so I am very happy to hear there is a course in the area.

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