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by chasfm11
Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:05 am
Forum: 2013 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: looks like NRA got it right
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Re: looks like NRA got it right

OldGrumpy wrote:
Zoo wrote:
suthdj wrote:Maybe it is time for some new representation down in Austin.
i think it's time for a new Governor, as long as it's not because the current one got a national office.
:iagree: :patriot: :txflag:
I believe the real truth about the failure of the 2013 Texas Legislative session to be different. The 2011 Session failed and the 2015 Session will fail again because of the Speaker of the House. He holds power through a coalition of Rino Republicans and Democrats. He gives a voice to the latter that they otherwise would not have.

The best thing that anyone who wants to improve gun legislation in Texas can do is to go to San Antonio and make sure that he doesn't get re-elected. You probably have a better chance of hitting a bulleye on 1 foot target at 2,000 yards with a 9mm handgun. Many of us lament the Austin Liberals. The real damage to the Conservative agenda comes from San Antonio.

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