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by chasfm11
Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:41 am
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Topic: “No Firearms on Premises” Sign
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Re: “No Firearms on Premises” Sign

Based on businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings, my expectation is that a business that posts any kind of a "no firearms" sign believes that they are restricting guns for anyone including those with licenses. Some businesses appear to be too lazy to do the State by State research and assume that what works in one State, works in another. I proceed with "concealed is concealed" but make sure that I'm not in a "barely concealed" setup. I've gotten more careless about that since OC passed in Texas. I'm always ready to respond, sign or not, to a verbal instruction to leave. If they don't want me there, I sure don't want to be there. We travel from State to State and I do look carefully in advance at the States where any sign carries the weight of law. Otherwise, I go about my business. I've OC enough to understand that most people aren't paying attention, even when the gun is visible.

I was just in a plumbing store last week. They had a 30.06 sign beside the front door - behind tinted glass that made it almost impossible to see standing right next to it. No way did it meet the tests for visibility in the TPC but there it was and I'm certain that they would have enforced it if I had been detected carrying there. I wasn't and have no plans to return. I'm betting that there is little difference in the mind set of many of the business owners with the "no firearms" signs and those who push the 30.06 sign requirements beyond their limits. It is just two different ways to get to the same point.

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