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by chasfm11
Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:08 pm
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Topic: Beto: Mandatory Gun Buybacks if Elected President
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Re: Beto: Mandatory Gun Buybacks if Elected President

It would be interesting to see what form the gun buyback takes. I'm more worried about today's news which includes the banning of magazines. Biden was talking about ANY magazine. Regarding rifles, would that include parts and go so far as 80% lowers?

All of the Democratic Presidential candidates are trying to dig around in the pile of horse manure that they call a party platform for a pony to ride. I dismiss them all offhand and on all subjects. It is the supposedly Republican and Conservative people that scare me. They seem to have little to no intestinal fortitude about anything they said that they believed in to get elected but suddenly come up with backbone at defending junk like this.

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