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by DEB
Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:15 am
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Topic: Scary shotgun owner
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Re: Scary shotgun owner

2farnorth wrote:Yes it's scary...First of all I was tending to another customer nearby. The lady that was checking him out probably doesn't know any better either since she is basically anti-gun.
Second of all when he "checks" his gun all he is going to find is it says 2 1/2 or 3 stamped on the barrel.
If I had been working him I would of asked what he wanted to use the shot gun for and explained the different shot sizes and their purpose. But I didn't get that opportunity.

Sorry I brought it up
I for one am glad you brought it up. This was an excellent teaching point to me that the education of others should be ever forefront in my mind. This also would include my religion. I was also glad to see all the other's response that they too were not fully educated on all gun platforms. Many of us fail to remember that we too were not always as knowledgeable as we are today. Many folks only are fully educated on their primary platform. Even after a lifetime of being exposed to firearms, I continue to learn a lot from not only this forum but also on other firearm related forums. For instance, I never knew until after my retirement from the Army about grains of bullets versus grains of powder. Never cared, just purchased rounds available to shoot, and only had the rounds the Army gave me, while on the job. Killed many Deer while hunting, but I couldn't tell you the grains of the bullet I dropped them with. I did understand expansion, but not in relation to bullet speed. While in the Military I could tell you the characteristics and specifications of the M16A1/2 rifle and the M1911A1/M9 Pistol and their maximum effective range and what type of ammunition we were issued with. But I couldn't tell you the grains of powder involved and really didn't understand what the 55 grain versus 62 grain bullet really meant. I just needed to regurgitate this information at call. Thanks again for bringing this up, so that I could at least recheck myself when a similar opportunity might come up. :tiphat:

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