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by Texas Dan Mosby
Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:06 pm
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Topic: Carrying Concealed on a Military base in Oklahoma
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Re: Carrying Concealed on a Military base in Oklahoma

While you can't legally carry concealed on post, that doesn't warrant simply leaving it at home imo.

You can do a check, but most bases do NOT have an outright ban on firearms. The standards for firearms on base usually consist of simply registering the firearm with the base provost martial, and storing and traveling with it in the manner dictated by post policy.

Most bases have an online web site you can use to research their policy, and find telephone numbers. I suspect you can call the provost marshal and either pre-register your firearm, or make coordinations to register upon arrival. When you show up, all you would need to do is pull over before going on base, separate your gun from ammo, put your gun in a secure case, and throw them in the trunk. Once you get at the gate, just tell the guards about your gun, and than register it with the provost.

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