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by VMI77
Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:47 am
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Topic: Steel plates, fun, but not at close range
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Re: Steel plates, fun, but not at close range

MechAg94 wrote:I have never had an issue with steel as long as the plate is set it up so it is not rigid. IMO, any steel targets at close or intermediate range should be set up to hang or fall over so they always move when they are hit. Allowing movement helps absorb the bullet impact even if you are not using soft lead ammo.

I would also agree with the post above about setting it up with a slight angle. Not hard to do hanging a heavy plate by a bolt on the back side.

Of course, you should still use eye protection, but that goes for any shooting at all.
This. The movement also changes the angles of incidence and reflection.

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