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by 97Octane
Fri Jul 14, 2006 2:12 pm
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Topic: self defense against stun guns/pepper spray
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I disagree to an extent. If a perp. is using Pepper Spray against you, or at least threatens you with it... then you have to use the best tool you have (The gray matter between your ears) about what is happening here.

If you see a bunch of college frat looking boys spraying you as they drive along, then no dealdly force is not justified because there would be a hard time defending yourself as having "Fear of Life".

If you are a female, in a dark parking lot at 2:00AM and are approached by two thugs mouthing off and attempt to pepper spray you? Defend yourself, because you can only anticipate the worst if they get you down on the ground and do something worse to you. This is fear of life, and the police who eventually arrive on scene will be able to see why. You have at times reason to believe that your life was in danger.

LEO's are more at risk from this situation (papper) than the everyday civi, as most perps you read about do not use pepper spray/CS as an offensive weapon. But they are out there... and if it happens to you you better your head and determine in a split second if they are spraying you in a manner that leads you to believe that if your life is not threatened right now, it will be soon thereafter.

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