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by Middle Age Russ
Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:37 pm
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Topic: Instructor Alert
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Re: Instructor Alert

FYI, at the instructor course earlier this month, RSD stated the best way to submit an application/docs if you're a student is this:
Start your application the day before you submit/upload your docs (CHL-100, etc.). Then upload your docs. This way, when you upload your docs, your file/folder has been started and they get added there. If you submit docs at the same time as starting your application, it takes a while for the system to update, so most attachments done at the same time go in an overflow folder since their is no active application in the system yet, and someone at RSD has to go and manually attach files to the right application. Just something instructors could let their students know (might help their application go faster too).
I kinda wonder if this sort of thing happened with my application to become an LTC instructor submitted last April. I sent the documents via their secure email right after submitting my application. Months later when I asked about it they first did not show that my documents had been received, then said they found them. I followed up a few weeks later and they again did not have my documents associated with my application, so I forwarded the documents again, and they got it all sorted out. I go to the class next week.

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