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by OldCurlyWolf
Mon May 09, 2016 4:30 pm
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Topic: How to Handle Student's Failed Proficient Test
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Re: How to Handle Student's Failed Proficient Test

I am in the process of helping one of my granddaughters get her LTC. The first thing I did was get her an instructor for safety and shooting. The Basics. After training from a .22 lr to a .45 ACP, she settled on the 40 S&W. Got her a Springfield XDS.

She is now proficient enough to pass the test both safety wise and accuracy wise. I also just bought her 500 rounds of practice ammunition. One of the next things we will do is go over handling misfires, hangfires, stovepipes, etc. And reiterating safety. I also plan on training her on my revolvers and my two Pistols. Both are different from what she has already shot. Broaden her range so to speak.

The fun begins

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