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by OldCurlyWolf
Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:19 pm
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Topic: Why You Should Always Check The Firearm
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Re: Why You Should Always Check The Firearm

bblhd672 wrote:I remember seeing this video last year after I got involved in shooting sports again. This incident set a personal policy in stone for me that I check every gun handed to me to ensure it is unloaded, even if the person handing it to me checked it.

Only a couple of occasions in the last year where a store clerk failed to check the gun before handing it over.
If a firearm is not Chamber visible when handed to me the first thing I do is check the chamber, even if I have observed the other person check the chamber and/or magazine.

While I have not had a clerk fail to check, a few years back at a Gander Mountain I had a clerk at the other end of a counter swing a muzzle across me about three times in just a couple of minutes. I had a chat with the local supervisor. He said he would have a chat with the clerk.

In this case I didn't feel threatened, because I had observed him checking the weapon before showing it to the couple in front of him, but it still irritated me severely that he was that careless after starting out so well.

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