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by Austin83
Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:40 pm
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Topic: Anyone use Federal Tactical HST?
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Anyone use Federal Tactical HST?

I just purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Shield (my first 9mm) and I was able to purchase some Federal Tactical HST 124 grain JHP for it. First, I've found that the HST rounds are carried by many LE, and they have fantastic reviews, and are proven to be one of the best expanding JHP rounds on the market. These are the first non-bonded JHP I have ever carried, and I must admit I am a little freaked out by the thought of having non-bonded ammo. It's probably the hours I spent researching information from "experts" on bonded vs. non-bonded on the Internet that makes me a little hesitant. I don't plan on the need to shoot through any windshields, doors, etc. with my 9mm, but I like to be prepared. I guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance that the HST is a good everyday carry round. Oh, and as many of you know the 9mm JHP market is slim to none out there so I kinda jumped on the first solid 124 grain JHP that I laid my eyes on. Thanks in advance for any advice or input.

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