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by Heartland Patriot
Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:28 am
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Topic: CHL holder killed by police in Las Vegas at a Costco
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Re: CHL holder killed by police in Las Vegas at a Costco

philip964 wrote:
tacticool wrote:I can see the logic behind suing the cops who shot him. I can even see the logic behind suing the employee, if they lied about the facts during the 911 call. I don't see any reason (except greed) to sue the company unless they have a policy encouraging employees to lie to 911.
Companies are responsible for the actions of their employees.

I went to the Costco a few years ago when I was in Las Vegas. There are still no signs, saying guns are not allowed. I am a former member of Costco, I did not know of the no gun policy until this happened. Erik had just joined Costco a few moments before, I'm sure the attendant did not say "oh please read this fine print contract carefully. It says you can't bring a gun into the store."

Erik was never asked to leave the store. Instead of asking him to leave, they called 911 and essentially said a madman was inside their store with a gun, Help Help. Then they pointed him out to the police as he was peacefully exiting the store with his girlfriend, so he could be killed.

In case you have forgotten five of the seven bullets were in his back after he was lying on the ground. Someone here called it contagious fire.

The video wasn't working that day, but it was never sent to the FBI, so we really don't know.

Former West Point graduate. Former Army Captain. Top salesman for Medtronics. Nevada CHL holder. Caucasian, handsome, athletic, the exact opposite of the police officer who fired the first bullet. Erik was portrayed as a wife beater and prescription pill addict during the one sided inquest.

"Drop your gun," "freeze", "get on your knees" the police called out with guns drawn and pointed at him. The first bullet fired into his chest killed him almost instantly.

CSI has never interested me much since this happened.

The Las Vegas police have harassed his girlfriend and other supporters since the killing.

One of the police officers has since been arrested on an unrelated matter, the two others have received a national police award.

I thought we could not link to lvrj, or did they loose that one in the courts pretty bad?

Nothing good about this but the lesson to us all.

Concealed is concealed. Any issue, immediately leave. Confronted by police, flat palm hands go slowly in the air, despite what they may be shouting.
The fact that they never bothered to ask him to leave nor informed him of store policy about firearms before calling law enforcement on him would seem to be grounds for a lawsuit to me. I will definitely not get any Costco membership now. I wouldn't want to give a company like that any of my money.

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