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by Heartland Patriot
Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:20 am
Forum: Concealed Carry on College Campuses
Topic: UW to Allow Guns Outside, Not in Buildings
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Re: UW to Allow Guns Outside, Not in Buildings

Well, I'd certainly like it if "institutes of higher learning" here in Texas would quit being such a pain in the neck about this. The school I am attending won't even allow them in your vehicle, or you will face "disciplinary actions" (get kicked out of school) if it is found. Now, I'm just a working class guy, and so I am attending for a technical program. AND, right next door to our building, sharing the same parking lot, is the LAW ENFORCEMENT building...and they have, if you carry in your car, and a dog alerts on it...bye-bye academic career and whatever successes in life hinged on that piece of paper. I wish the parking lot bill would have included college state that the school couldn't have any retribution against you for having it in your vehicle. But we get the situation we are in due to a few weak-kneed (or greedy) politicians in this state coupled with out-of-state anti-self-defense forces putting their noses in other peoples' business. Oh, and a mass-media system that pretended they care about students' safety...seems like they cared more about the bad guys safety, to me. So, if that is what Wisconsin has for now, its better than what we have... :grumble

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