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by SewTexas
Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:17 pm
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Topic: Prayers For My Mom
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Re: Prayers For My Mom

I'm sorry. This is rough.
When my mother-in-law "moved in", it was July 2nd, 3 years ago. She'd been spending nights with us, but going back to her house during the day. Robert and I had gone to Salado for the day, for our anniversary, she called us 14, or more times that day....she would do that, she'd call for something minor, then forget that she'd called. We got back, swung by, picked her up and she never asked to go back home.

Now, for you....
I do like the idea of calling it temporary but trying to legthen the time. The "problem" if there is one, is that she's "all there" mentally. However, if she is all there mentally she needs to be made to understand that for her physically health she needs to move. You can involve Adult Protective services, but....

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