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by LSUTiger
Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:43 pm
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Topic: Do you practice a phrase to yell if you draw on a BG?
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Re: Do you practice a phrase to yell if you draw on a BG?

I generaly go into a monologue where I divulge all my evil plans before I ......oh wait that's the wrong scenario.

While effective verbal commands can be beneficial to a desired outcome and probably have their place in this situation, its not something I generally think about. I try to focus on situational awareness, practice my draw and shooting/reloading.

But I don't think the question is as silly as some make it out to be.

For a CHLer or anyone in a self-defense situation, if the scenario permits the use of verbalization before action, probably what you shouldn't say is more important.

I would attempt to communicate in some way that if they do not cease and desist in their current actions that are threatening me that I will be forced to defend myself.

Failing to give a warning is not important to me as you may not have the opportunity. But if you say anything at all, I would try not use any kind of racial slur or any language that would give any witnesses the idea that I was some trigger happy person who couldn't wait to shoot someone. The aftermath is what you will have to deal with next and you don't need any extra nonsense perception of a witness to turn a legitimate act of self defense into a criminal offense.

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