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by jerry_r60
Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:28 pm
Forum: 2013 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: HB 56 filed with text
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Re: HB 56 filed with text

denwego wrote:Just read the bill's text cover to cover. For everyone who's in the too-long-didn't-read crowd and cares about §30.06, here's what you want to see:


All it does is clarify that §30.06 applies to concealed carry. Gun busters or open-carry-banning signs have no effect on carrying concealed under this bill. Additionally, a legal sign banning open carry would not ban licensed concealed carry under a CHL. It does create a similar requirement for those wishing to ban permitted open carry, but they are mutually exclusive. An open carry sign under this bill has no more effect on concealed carry than any other invalid sign does right now.

The fact that §30.06 doesn't have anything in the bill text after (b) is because nothing is being changed. That's how amendatory bills work, so don't worry any! Nothing is being removed or altered in function about the current §30.06. If you were in the camp of "if they don't change how it is now and just add open carry, I would support it," you should be all set - people listened and it's all good now.
Aren't we left with the same concern many have voiced? If people are scared of OC make the effort to see how to stop it and find all they need is a special sign and that the sign is almost identical to the 3.06, isn't it likely that they just post both?

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