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by Maxwell
Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:40 am
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Topic: ‘But, Kavanaugh!’ NeverTrump’s Awakening
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Re: ‘But, Kavanaugh!’ NeverTrump’s Awakening

Yes, I voted for him. Trump is a businessman, and one most people would call very successful. He didn't get there by being nice, or even considerate. He's a jerk, and yes I was surprised at how thin skinned he seems to be and I could care less about anything he did in his private life before his presidency. That said he's an intelligent man and in business or in politics I would not want to be on the opposite side of the table from him behind closed doors.

However, what I saw from the Democrats and their supporter over the last few weeks (and ongoing) makes me so sick at how low they will go and how little they care about anything but their own power that if needed I'll probably vote for him again.

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