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by Abraham
Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:32 pm
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Topic: Today in Trump's new term as President
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Re: Today in Trump's new term as President


I'm no longer in the know, (I'm retired) but at times the company I worked for had to source "Line Pipe" from international suppliers, often Japan, France and Mexico to name a few, simply because domestic manufacturers couldn't meet our demands. Not demands for better costs, but quantity...and at times high grade line pipe.

Without getting terribly technical we required high grade, seamless line pipe and domestic line pipe manufacturers simply couldn't meet our needs, thus we had to look for it globally. They, domestic suppliers, didn't or couldn't make the quantities we needed. I'm a big Trump fan. I hope his "buy domestic line pipe" can be met, and not run into the same dismal lack of U.S. manufacturers making high quality line pipe we ran into years ago. However, I doubt it given the former President's attitude towards business and it's need for less regulation...and his want to over regulate anything business-wise...

We would fly in the company jet to these lands to witness the manufacturing processes and distribution. Most often they were very high quality manufacturers and we would approve buying from them. The balance of the world understands the need for high quality line pipe. yeah, I know, something most haven't a clue about, but if only you knew how important it is...

We were a team. One metallurgist, one purchasing management guy (me) one company bureaucrat, and a few other guys. We flew all over the world seeking the best product for us and wished we could find it in the U.S.A.

Those were fun days.

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