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Re: Marksman Indoor Range


Post by puma guy » Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:23 pm

OldCurlyWolf wrote:Anyone at Marksman willing and able to teach tyro's basic safety and Markmanship?

I have a granddaughter who will be 21 shortly. I want to get her trained and a LTC. She wants to also. :coolgleamA:
OCW, I have seen many instructors at Marksman doing the shooting phase, in fact my son-in-law took his class there. I'd call the folks at Marksman to see if any of the instructors do safety courses as well. I think there are sessions available at PSC as well, even for none members. Charles Cotton would be able to help you or go to the PSC website and check the calendar. Glad to see a new shooter! :thumbs2:

EDIT: Ok I checked Marksman's website and they have Basic Handgun Classes listed.

There's a Woman's event at PSC Shooting Range tomorrow, but it may be too late to register. Here's the PSC link. Use the event registration to access tomorrow's event. I believe this is a regular event held once a month.
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Re: Marksman Indoor Range


Post by Swissy » Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:36 pm

Marksman is great - ladies shoot free on Monday nights so my fiance and I enjoy going. I have always noticed it was very clean and the guys that work there are really nice.

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Re: Marksman Indoor Range


Post by OldCurlyWolf » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:55 am

Thanks for the info.

I am perfectly capable of teaching basics, but I am so blasted Anal-Retentive on safety that I could ruin her, so I want some one else to teach her that phase.

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