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Federal Ammo Deals

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:45 am
by RoyGBiv
More deals at this link....

Here are just a few.
Freedom Fuel Promotion #: R10064
Get 5 cents back per round when you buy American Eagle® 223 Rem. and 5.56x45mm ammunition. Must purchase at least 300 rounds to qualify.
Max $500 dollars per household.
20% discount on 5 boxes of rimfire... Sweet.
Its Raining Rimfire Promotion #: R10004
For every 5 boxes of Federal® rimfire ammunition you buy, we’ll give you a rebate on the cost of 1 box. Maximum rebate of $200 per household.

Load Your Handgun—And Your Wallet Promotion #: R10005
Get a $1 rebate on every 50 rounds of 9mm Luger centerfire handgun ammunition you purchase; receive $2 back on every 50 rounds of all other centerfire handgun ammunition from these participating quality brands: Federal®, Speer®, Blazer®, American Eagle® and Independence®.
Minimum purchase of 250 rounds to qualify—CLAIM UP TO A $400 REBATE
Black Friday Black Pack Buck$ Promotion #: R9835
Get up to $100 back when you buy Federal®, Blazer® Brass or American Eagle® Black Pack bulk boxes or cans. Limit five cases/cans and a maximum of $100 per household.
Serious Self-Defense Promotion #: R9838
Purchase two boxes of Federal Premium® Personal Defense® Hydra-Shok®, Hydra-Shok Deep® or HST® ammunition and receive a $10 rebate ($5/box, minimum purchase of two boxes, maximum $50 rebate per household).

Re: Federal Ammo Deals

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:52 am
by imkopaka
I just bought an ammo box of 420 5.56 62 gr. steel core rounds (on stripper clips) from Palmetto State armory for $140 (with free shipping!). Once I send in the first rebate listed here, my overall cost will be about $118 - 28 cents per round.