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Which of the following Are your top 3 choices to pursue during the 2013 session?

Open Carry
Campus Carry
Expand Parking Lot Law
Easier CHL renewals
Reduce CHL fees
Carry at Sporting events, bars, ect
Full Constitutional carry
Total votes: 495

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Re: Poll: 2013 Session


Post by cyphur » Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:24 am

RPB wrote:
Jumping Frog wrote:In PC §46.15 - Nonapplicability:

Move (b)(6) dealing with CHL's from (b) to (a), placing them in the same category as LEO's, and making PC §46.02 and PC §46.03 non-applicable to CHL's.

That would leave PC §46.035 still applying to CHL's, but it sets up the next session (2015) to have a bill allowing unlicensed open carry while adapting PC §46.035 to apply only to unlicensed open carry (thereby removing CHL's from PC §46.035).
That, ( I think it's a b-6 to a-10 move IIRC) not only solves campus carry but also lets my pick up a kid at a school nurse's office and sign them out at he principal's office and
get my license plates at the County Tax Assessor office in the County Courthouse Annex
Renew my Driver's license at the DPS office located in the County Courthouse annex
this could also solve Schools etc not honoring Parking lot law for employees
MasterOfNone wrote:How about penalties for municipalities that violate preemption?
In a nutshell, if these were the only 2 items that passed, I'd be so thrilled I'd be willing to let someone shave my head in public ... especially since I'm balding rapidly anyway :mrgreen:
Those are the two top items needing doing.

This. Stop making us go out of our way simply because we exercise a fundamental right we already had to jump through hoops to "qualify".

Open Carry is the ultimate goal. I do not want to run a thigh-rig with 3 magazines with a light on it, but I would like to not have to dress around a pistol when it's 110* out. Stick it in a paddle holster, run to the store in t-shirt and shorts, and not be bothered about it.

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Re: Poll: 2013 Session


Post by canvasbck » Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:47 am

Looks like the three winners are, in order, Campus Carry, Open Carry, and thinning out the list of places where carry is forbidden (followed closely by constitutional carry). I implore the NRA, TSRA, Alice Tripp, and Charles to put your lobby efforts into those three.

I agree that changing 30.06 is a deal breaker for supporting an open carry bill, but it's clear that open carry is a favored policy by CHL holders. If a bad bill gets introduced that screws up 30.06, work with the congressman who has it to fix what is introduced and let's get these three done! We do not have to be a divided group, I'm sure even OCDO would support the type of open carry that leaves 30.06 alone as opposed to what we got last session. These are the steps towards our ultimate goal of constitutional carry. I understand the concept of baby steps. None of those three goals would be earth shattering (except maybe campus carry) and could be pushed through without fanfare if done right.

Charles, I will respond to any and all requests for action that you put out on any bill. I will call, fax, and anything else that will help you get the things done that you have always worked tirelessly for. You will have my support regardless of how you or the NRA treat any open carry bills that are introduced. In return, I ask for you to agressively pursue the three things that CHL holders would like to see accomplished.........ALL three. Don't let a few idealistic, but rude and obnoxious folks from OCDO push you away from something that is an important step towards full constitutional carry.
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