SB299 to Governor

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Re: SB299 to Governor


Post by SherwoodForest » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:53 pm

My own experience with " DISPLAY " while living in Colorado Springs related to " open carry". In other words OWB holster with no cover. Under SB 299 " display in plain view " seems to me to equate to oc. If another person happens to catch a glimpse of a part of my Glock 23 that isn't covered - I don't consider that display in plain view of that person. My opinion of course - not the AG's.

Regarding the Love Field incident -I had a funny experience several years ago on Royal Lane near I-35 in Dallas. This "windshield washer" insisted upon ignoring my no thank you's and persisted to start spraying my windshield while stopped adjacent to the concrete median island at a red light. I rolled down my window and told him to " Back off !"

He stopped his chore - stepped back, and exclaimed " You must have a gun ! "

Well , actually I did.................but I thought it was rather instructive that an authoritative tone somehow signaled that I must be armed.

I have used the same tone on a number of occasions when parking lot " solicitors " asking for money approached my vehicle. It has always worked - thus far.

Maybe I just come across as a grumpy old man - but it seems to work.

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Re: SB299 to Governor


Post by Tracker » Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:40 pm

Yeah, I moved my daughter to Lubbock (Texas Tech) this week. (Her CHL is in the mail. Want to see what Lubbock's sex offenders' map looks like? Zoom in" onclick=";return false;)...anyway, I had to fill the Uhaul with gas and was trying to keep watch but I also had to watch the fuel gauge as to not overfill the tank. This guy came charging up from behind the truck and invaded my personal space wanting to shake my hand with his left (he wasn't alone. There others with him in a pickup nearby). He came on so fast I was little startled by it. I put my hand up to let him know I wasn't shaking his and told him I wasn't giving him any money. He had a kind of purse that reminded me of a bulldog-type holster, same size and shape but with a strap....If was enough to put a "?" in my mind as to whether he was carrying....too.

I sure wish my daughter (and son when he gets his CHL) could carry on campus while at Tech

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