Debate/Town Hall Meeting with Cotton & Grisham?

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Would you attend a debate/town hall meeting between Charles Cotton and C.J. Grisham?

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Re: Debate/Town Hall Meeting with Cotton & Grisham?


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G.A. Heath wrote:
baseballguy2001 wrote:
G.A. Heath wrote:In regards to Grisham's statement about Charles Cotton "fighting OCT since day 1" I would like to point out that Grisham/OCT takes the position that if you do not agree with them and try to convince them to try your course of action that you are fighting them. I personally arranged for Grisham, Alice Tripp, and Charles Cotton to all have a discussion on the record regarding OC efforts last year. Charles and Alice were willing to work with them is Grisham/OCT cleaned up their act. Needless to say OCT instead went on to do Bloomberg and Dudley Brown's bidding by attacking the NRA and TSRA while crying "No Compromise". Grisham/OCT and others actively tried to scuttle HB910 and SB17 in an effort to promote unlicensed carry, when it became obvious that unlicensed carry was dead they jumped on board to support the Licensed OC bill and claimed it was their own.
Just to be perfectly clear -- are you saying you tried to invite all three views last year to a similar setting and the OCT guys refused?

I apologize if this is asked/answered -- I don't have a FB or twitter acct, has anyone invited CJ or the MDA types for the current offer of a town hall? If so, what was their reply?
They participated and it was a vaery revealing discussion, not a debate. I will pm you a link to the audio.
Mr. Heath, may I also have a link to that?

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