Another on campus armed robbery

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Another on campus armed robbery


Post by PaJ » Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:37 am ... m/31423324" onclick=";return false;

When will liberals get that they are making our kids sitting ducks? I have a son that lives on campus there. He's not in the dorm that was robbed this year, but wants to be next year. Even if legal campus carry passes, my son won't be old enough to carry. However, others on campus will so a deterrent will exist.

I've always believed that CHL's should carry on a college campus (any school campus for that matter). However, now that I have a kid living on campus and another that commutes to a college campus, it's personal. For some reason I don't feel as concerned for my kids in high school. As I've previously stated, likely because I find some comfort in knowing there are uniformed LEO's on campus all day, and the size of the campus us much smaller making it easier to protect.

I had an interesting conversation on this topic with one of my 15 year old daughters. I told her that some people think that not allowing guns on campus keep kids safer. Without even having to explain my position, she said, "I want there to be people with guns at my school to protect me if a bad guy comes." Then she asked how old she had to be to get a CHL, and if we could go shoot. Brings a tear to my eye. :hurry:

Kids get it. Why don't liberals?

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