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Post by ELB » Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:07 am

Police question armed man on Ball State campus

Ball State University is in Muncie, Indiana. Last Thursday night, someone apparently saw a young male open carrying on the street or sidewalk near some BSU residence halls.

BSU sent out various emails and texts warning students/staff/faculty to hide, basically:
Man with gun reported on Ball State's campus (DeHorty/Woodworth Halls Avoid the area. Shelter in place.
Concerning man with a gun call white male pink shirt khaki pants gun on his hip was last seen in the area of woodworth. Everyone needs to stay in a safe place for now.An all clear message will be sent when clear.
Concerning the man with a gun also looking for a white male with long black shirt and khaki shorts. Stay in safe place until all clear
Looks like police swarmed the area until they found him, and discovered he had a License to Carry Handgun (LTCH in Hoosier-speak).

Open (and concealed) carry is legal in Indiana, and there is no specific statute against having a gun on a university or college campus. However, universities and colleges may by policy ban guns, and can have violators arrested for trespass, as well as expel students and fire faculty/staff.

In this case, the police are not releasing the guy's name because he was not arrested. However, he was told what the university's policy is, and his name and information will be added to the school's "trespass list" which has 75 names, along with photos, addresses, age, date of trespass. It appears this list may be public, because the article notes "Below each person's information is a message to call university police if you see the person on campus." I don't know if there are people on the list for reasons other than carrying a gun.
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