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WA: Man shoots street robber

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:06 pm
by ELB ... 97144.html?

Man on residential street is confronted by robber with gun who demands man hand over possessions.

Man reaches in pocket and robber hits him in face with the gun.

Man fires several shots, hitting robber at least once.

Robber fires on shot at man, misses, jumps in a car that turns out to have his wife and two juveniles (doesn't say they're related). They take robber to hospital, throwing gun away enroute.

While cops on scene in response to man's 911 call, they get notified of GSW at hospital.

They pick up the juveniles (who confess) and the wife in hospital parking garage.

Cops find robber, robber's loaded gun, matching magazine at robber's house (guess he stopped on the way home? Had a spare?).

Robber had 13 priors and was on community supervision after being released in April from prison where he was serving time for...wait for it... robbery and burglary convictions.

$100K bond.