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Re: NRA and Russia

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:07 am
by Jusme
"rlol" "rlol"

Sorry, I couldn't get through the article due to laughing hysterically. I have heard of doubling down on stupid, but the whole thread, trying to even make tenuous connections, between the NRA, and Russian foreign agents, trying to help Trump, would be at least thought provoking, if the sources, weren't so ludicrous.
After the whole FISA warrant revelations, showing that the entire story was made up of whole cloth, and paid for by the DNC, this "journalist" uses the same group, as her "groundbreaking proof" of not only Trump/Russia collusion, but now, after a whole year of a no evidence found, somehow, the investigators, along with the MSM, completely missed, the incredibly important role the NRA, played in this!!

"rlol" "rlol" "rlol"