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Post by JohnTheHead » Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:40 am

I know from experience that Pearland won't do it... Might check with the academies. ACC, Brazosport, U of H Downtown all come to mind.

Rolling prints in class is a pain, but I do it anyway. I get very few rejections. I also spend the extra money on good ink, which makes it much easier for me to roll classifiable prints...

When I went to Pearland PD, not only did they have no idea what I was talking about, they wanted nothing to do with it.

Also, with Pearland PD, when I needed to do prints and passport photos, it was difficult to convince the individual rolling my prints that he indeed needed to sign the back of one of the passport photos. He said he had never had to do that. I know of applications being kicked back for that...

Usually small constables offices tend to be a good place... Brazoria County's constable offices are all pretty small.

The format of the letter is pretty unimportant. It's kind of a joke with the DPS CHL Section. If you handed them a cocktail napkin with the letter written in pink crayon, they MIGHT accept it... Something on letterhead that says "Said named individual is capable of taking fingerprints" is really all they are looking for.

I'm not sure why they require that letter. I'm curious as to whether they actually keep track of it.

My source for the requirements on the letter is Jan Coffee, the CHLB manager, though I spoke to her about it in 2005 I think...


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