Need to send wife to Japan: Cimarron Thunberball in 45LC for $500

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Need to send wife to Japan: Cimarron Thunberball in 45LC for $500


Post by OldCannon » Tue May 15, 2018 9:44 pm

Bought the wife a Jeep for her graduation present. Yay! :cheers2:

One month later, her mom is sick and now hospitalized...on a tiny island in Japan (yes, wife is 1/2 Japanese). Bad timing.

We're not selling the Jeep, so....I must say goodbye to some closet queens that I've never wanted to give up so that we can pay for her to fly to Japan (which, I've discovered, is painfully expensive!)

Below is the Cimarron Thunderball 4.75" 45LC with "Bird's Head" grip that I"m selling for $500. This is the "Pre War" stainless steel version that is tuned by the Cimarron team for competition. The hammer/trigger action makes you do this: :drool:

These don't show in stock very often. I never used this in competition, but it's been to the gun range a few times. My older friends enjoy shooting a piece of history, and nothing feels more "western historic" than 45LC chambered in a single action revolver. It's a joy to shoot!

This is Cimarron's official link to the gun: ... -4-in.html

Note: I will ONLY sell face-to-face to CHL/LTC holders. And other local (or non-local) transactions must be handled through an FFL at your expense (shipping, transfer costs, etc)

Here's some photos of the pistol (nice carrying case included)
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