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Suppressors and Threads


Post by pbwalker » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:59 pm

So I've got two cans sitting in ATF purgatory and had some questions on best practices on mismatched threading.

Can One:
Sig SRD22X
Thread: 1/2x28

Can Two:
Sig SRD45
Thread: .578x28 piston and an m16x1LH piston

Now, let's say I want to attach the SRD22X to a Sig Mosquito / ATI Firefly with M9 x .75 threading. Is it best just to buy a thread adapter? Machine the barrel to match thread? Replace the barrel?

If I want to attach the SRD45 to my CZ Scorp SBR, do I just buy a matching thread (18x1RH) 9mm piston?
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Re: Suppressors and Threads


Post by MechAg94 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:25 pm

I hope to have that problem in another 6 to 8 months.

I would say it depends on the cost. Spacers are not necessarily cheap. I think it would depend on adapter options from the OEM.

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Re: Suppressors and Threads


Post by SigM4 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:34 pm

With the Mosquito being as prevelant as it is/was there are plenty of adaptors out there. Being that almost all .22lr guns in the US are threaded 1/2x28 it’s not surprising either. It is surprising however that Sig would ever think that some other thread pattern was a good idea.

All that said I don’t think the barrel on the Mosquito has enough meat on it the have it rethreaded. If memory serves me even the threaded versions had an adaptor that essentially brought the barrel face out past the front of the slide. In that case the aforementioned adaptor is the way to go. I’ve had excellent luck with the SilencerCo adaptors in the past.

As for the Scorpion, assume it’s one of the older metric threaded guns vs. the newer guns with the 1/2x28 threads? If so you can buy a new piston and fixed barrel spacer, or you could buy a fixed barrel cap that replaces the piston. My choice (though I don’t know if Sig offers it yet) is a 3 lug mount on the gun and cap on the can. Makes for easy on/off, and no fear of the can coming loose (as it can with direct thread) while shooting. Depending on 3 lug adaptor it can also reduce the overall length of the can once mounted. Here is a very poor picture of mine.


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