SAAMI OK's "+P" in only 4 calibers. "+P+" isn't approved.

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SAAMI OK's "+P" in only 4 calibers. "+P+" isn't approved.


Post by surprise_i'm_armed » Sat May 12, 2018 3:46 pm

The source of the information below is the Taurus 2018 Catalog, page 36.
I pass along this information, which is believed to be accurate, as an FYI.

SAAMI = Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute.
SAAMI defines the proper stats for quality ammo.

Ammo that meets SAAMI standards for "+P" ammo is ONLY available
in 4 calibers, to wit: .38 Special, .38 Super Automatic, 9MM, & .45 ACP.

Any calibers other than these, marked "+P", do not meet SAAMI's standards, and may be
dangerous to fire.

"+P+" may sometimes be found, but this designation is not recognized by SAAMI.
Firing such ammunition can cause catastrophic failure in firearms, with the result
of serious bodily injury or death.

I hope this is fresh information to my fellow shootists, or at least a reminder
to avoid purchasing "+P+" ammo.

You carry a gun so that you'll be hard to kill.

Know the law so that you'll be hard to convict.

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