Switching to wheel guns this year

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Re: Switching to wheel guns this year


Post by 74novaman » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:13 am

Want to watch someone default to their level of training instead of rise to the occasion?

Shot IDPA last weekend with the Model 10. I've been doing weak hand reloads for a couple of reasons this year. 1) didn't initially feel confident/comfortable doing the switch hand reload while running and gunning. 2) I've always carried my semi auto reloads left side only 3) I'm fairly ambidextrous and didn't feel like I suffered much speed wise using left instead of right.

But IDPA lets you carry reloads forward of the hip IF they're carried on the strong side with a revolver, so I decided to try shooting this match using the switch hand reload instead. Spent all weeks dry fire practice (15-20 min a day) drilling the switch hand reload. And I still wound up fishing in my left hand pocket for reloads, using my left hand and right hand interchangeably....

When I wasn't screwing it up, the switch hand reload worked well. When I wasn't screwing it up, the weak hand reload I've been doing this year also worked well.

In the future, I'm going to stick with weak hand reloads. It carries over from how I carry semi auto reloads, and I'm dexterous enough to make it (sort of) work. If I couldn't make my left hand work, or if I only shot revolvers there's nothing inherently bad or wrong about the switch hand reload. It just messes with my head since I don't shoot anything else that way, and I'd like to keep everything semi familiar between pistols/revolvers. On the plus side, I'm fairly confident in my ability to make a revolver reload work out (eventually), no matter where I'm carrying the reload, what hand I use or what stupid things I do while trying to reload it now....

It was a long weekend so I also got in a second match. Not strictly revolver related, other than the fact this match had 10 and 11 shot arrays and so I ditched what I'd usually use for any 8 shot array match (my 627) and dusted off the Shadow 2. Other than one steel challenge match a few weeks ago, and a couple of drills with it the day before the match, I haven't shot semi auto pistol this year. You can absolutely tell that on the reloads, but I think the sight picture/trigger control work I've been doing with wheel guns continues to pay off with semi autos as well. Probably won't shoot a semi auto again until the end of the year, but it's good to know the skills haven't totally degraded...(other than my continued inability to run a plate rack without outrunning my sights).


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