Had a guy flash a badge at me...wasnt police.

So that others may learn.

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Re: Had a guy flash a badge at me...wasnt police.


Post by Jasonw560 » Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:29 pm

jimlongley wrote:
Jasonw560 wrote:I meant we would take them down a peg or two because they thought they knew everything. Fresh out of school, cocky as all get out. Not because they were VFFs. And they were a VERY small minority.

I'll be the first one to admit that our job would have been much harder without First Responders. Most of the VFFs (99.9% of them) were fantastic, catching things we missed, knowing what we needed before we even knew what we needed. heck, there were many that were better than some of the basics that worked at the compnany. They would jump in the back of the ambulance to help do CPR for 30 minutes. I can't tell you how many times the patients were already packaged and ready to go with a great history already obtained. We just had to load and go. There were MVAs where no way we could have gotten the patient out safely without them. After every call they helped with, I thanked them for their help. Indispensible part of the system.

It wasn't my intention to step on toes. Maybe I worded it wrong. I apologize.
"The EMTs who were also VFF . . ." sure sounded more like a blanket condemnation than a select few, but apology accepted.

I was EMT #72 in upstate NY.
After I read it, I realized that. Again, mea culpa.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled thread....
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Re: Had a guy flash a badge at me...wasnt police.


Post by Texanaggie » Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:38 am

tallmike wrote:
gigag04 wrote:Yeah...I wouldn't pull over even for a legit FBI agent.

We had a vol try that with the wife of one of our recruiting seargents, except he said he was with our agency.

As a volunteer FF, I was a bit surprised when I got a badge. It stays on my dress shirt where it belongs and I only put that on once a year.

It's sad to see a volunteer get busted for something stupid like this, most departments need more volunteers not less.
agreed , I have been a Volunteer for 10yrs and my badge has never been off my dress shirt unless the shirt is dirty, that moron that flashed his "badge " is what we call a wooo wooo...
He wanted to play the part but wasn't a fireman.. I have a department ID that i do carry in my wallet and it does not come out unless a officer that has stopped me asks (we have department stickers on our POV's, so the local PD knows why me might be going a little faster than the speed limit to the station)

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