My First Negligent Discharge

So that others may learn.

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Re: My Fist Negligent Discharge


Post by nyj » Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:11 pm

ffemt300 wrote:I had a foolish ND years back. A friend had been over at my house and he left his AR-15 when he left(how nice,right?) We had been looking at it and talking shop and were planning on going to the range the next day. I called him and told him he left it and that I would bring it with me to the range the next day. Well I was a stupid 22 year-old and had never been exposed to AR's. I thought I would check it out for myself and cycle the action a few times to get used to it. I removed the mag, which was full and went to "dry fire" it....oops. Forgot the round in the chamber.... BANG. Fortunately, I had it pointed at the floor when it fired but just seconds earlier it had been leveled at my TV and my neighbors house beyond that! I felt so stupid. It took alot for me to tell my buddy how foolish I had been. :banghead:
Ouch. That had to suck for your hearing.

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Re: My Fist Negligent Discharge


Post by Oldgringo » Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:35 pm

The Annoyed Man wrote:Gun: 5" Model 29 S&W, .44 magnum
Ammo: American Eagle 240 grain JHP, 1280 fps/800 ft lb
Victim: My bedroom ceiling..........and my left ear.

I've told the story enough times, but long story short, I thought I had dumped all 6 unfired cartridges into my hand. As it turned out......I had not.

The muzzle blast occurred just a few inches away from my left ear as I held the gun pointed toward the ceiling and kept cocking the hammer an then feeling for the single action letoff (which is amazing even without the muzzle blast in your ear). Having seen the fireball that erupts from the muzzle in low light and the accompanying sheets of flame that shoot out the sides from the cylinder gap, I am still amazed today that I did not set my own head on fire.

Still partially deaf in that ear today. This happened in 1996.

Tell you what though, I've been a paranoid freak about gun safety ever since.
Good thing you lived on an upper floor, eh?

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