Interesting Lube/Sizer ?

For those who like to roll their own.

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Interesting Lube/Sizer ?


Post by Don2 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:26 am

Just ran across this unique lube / sizer.
I think I like a few of the idea's incorporated into it.
Like the idea of interchangeable lube pumps...different lubes could be used without trying to removing them from a stationary reservoir.( Not sure about hard lubes and heating them? )Maybe a heat lamp close as some of us do already?

No nose punches needed because of being pushed in from bottom, but I guess it will not install gas checks?
I also like the idea it can be attached to an extra single stage press.

Looks like it is limited to only several calibers at this time....most of them I reload now.

Man...Sure wish I had a lathe and or mill...I'd make a killer one to my specs.
Oh well.

Just thought I'd share this so you could get an idea of whats available and maybe someone is a machinist that would like to play around with an idea.
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