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38 Special Reloads

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 8:33 pm
Do not want to get into reloading at this time and looking for one of two options.

I have 1500 once fired 38 Special Brass

Looking for an outfit that re-manufactures ammunition an d would give me reasonable credit for 1500 once faire 38 Special cases, or…

An individual that reloads 38 Special and would reload the 1500 rounds, with me providing the bullets and primers. I would receive 800 reloaded rounds and the reloader would receive 700 rounds or just keep the bullets and primers necessary to do the reloading later.

The re-manufacturing company or individual would have to be within 60 miles of Houston proper.

Bullets I would supply would probably be 125-130 FMJ and the primers the softest available.

Rounds would have to be at least 50 fps above IDPA power factor for revolver division.