Did my Wally Walk

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Did my Wally Walk


Post by PackinXD » Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:04 pm

Just got done with my "Wally Walk" tonight and made the mistake of taking my wife with me. "rlol"
My feet hurt because she needed a "few things" and got to spend way more time than I wanted to there. :banghead:
Didn't care if my gun printed because nobody pays attention to it other than maybe another CHL holder. Didn't pull on my shirt tail, just went about my business. Printing isnt illegal either so why bother worrying?
"Whats under your shirt"?
"Whats wrong with you pervert? Its a freggin BAZOOKA you d-bag"!!!
Nobody is going to ask, nobody pays attention. The ones that do, or notice, are carrying just like me and were in the same club.

I did go to Mighty Fine first for a decent burger though.

On a plus side, I get to carry at work. My boss doesn't care, were always bringing new guns and rifles to work and into the offices to check out the new stuff. He carries
And the pastor at my church carries, along with several others!

So glad to be a 9th generation Texan, born and raised. There is no place like Texas, there NEVER will be a better place than Texas! :txflag:
Springfield XD subcompact 9
DPMS A15 Panther Multi cal
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9th generation TEXAN
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Re: Did my Wally Walk


Post by Schwabo » Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:16 am

Congratulations on the successful Wally walk! I always wondered if you printed would someone say something.. I don't know it's it's a results my very kinna thing or your absolutely right who cars. Good right up thanks for the info! Carry on!

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