Photos and Video of Texas CHL Forum Day

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Photos and Video of Texas CHL Forum Day


Post by GlockenHammer » Fri Sep 28, 2007 1:20 pm

Burried in some other threads was the question as to whether or not it would be okay to take pictures and videos of the festivities Saturday. Most people don't mind, but due to the delicate nature of carrying a gun, there are some who do not wish to be known as CHL holders. To respect those people, may I suggest the following plan of action:

1. If you are going to be there AND DON'T WANT TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED OR VIDEOED, please either post here or send me a PM.

2. BEFORE POSTING photos or video, please EMAIL me a copy or link (to unpublicized location) and I'll forward it to those on my list for approval and get back with you ASAP.

Also, when practical it would be considerate if you'd ask folks if they mind getting their picture or video taken.

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