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Re: Plus size ladies carrying


Post by asa » Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:25 pm

I just wanted to update that I have worn my flashbang twice now in "real" settings.

First day was a trip to Wal-Mart, lunch at a Mexican food restaurant, short trip to the hardware store where I had to bend down to pet the store cat several times, then on to Sears to buy a mower. Came home, tried out the mower in the chicken run. My parents went in half on it, so we then took it over to their house to show my mother how to work it (we all live on the same parcel of land). She spent a few minutes using it on the small strip of grass between their garage and the retaining wall and then used it in a few other places the riding mower won't go. Went inside and helped my dad archive a few photos on their lap top. Then came back over to our house and decided to go ahead and mow our front yard with it while we had it out instead of waiting until we had the big mower out. After that, I was pretty ready to take it off.

Observations - I got it really sweaty - both the gun and holster. Think standing outside for a while and then deciding to mow the front yard with a push mower were mostly what contributed to that. Comfort was exceptional while standing. The corner of my magazine digs in a bit when sitting, but the butt of the gun does not push out.

Second day - another trip to Wal-Mart, this time for groceries. Didn't spend a whole lot of time of there as the kids running free drives me up the wall. Realized we forgot a few items and made a quick stop by other grocery store on way home. Took off gun once I got home. Did not seem sweaty. Noticed when putting gun on that I had a small sore spot on my tummy where butt of gun had pushed in while sitting. Adjusted angle of gun just slightly so that it was not pressing back into that same spot.

Later in the day I wanted to try out some new ammo, so shot a few magazines through it. When cleaning it afterwards I noticed a bit of rust on my trigger guard. Think that was from the sweat I did not wipe off from previous day. If possible, I think I will need to wipe off gun and holster when I wear it and get sweaty.

It was strangely comforting being able to feel it carried across my chest. I did not have one chambered. I need to do some more practice unholstering it with snap caps loaded before I take that next step. I think the kydex has to loosen up a bit. Twice when I was practicing right after I got it, when I pulled it out, it flipped the safety off. Hasn't done it since, but I need more practice before moving to that next step. It may not please everyone, but at least I had a gun on me with bullets in the magazine. I just need to do things one step at a time...

I will not be wearing it M-F during the normal work time. I work at a university and do not typically make any stops on my way to or home from work. For me, I'd be more worried about someone breaking into my vehicle and stealing the gun, forgetting to bring it inside each night, etc. But, if we do go back into town after work, I will put it on then. Not sure about around the property - almost every vehicle or ATV out here has some kind of rifle or shotgun in it just for ag related purposes. I do think if I saw a vehicle start to come down the long driveway that I did not know, I would probably go back inside and put it on if possible. I think if I were ever home alone and needed to go out and check something, I'd wear it then. Thankfully we have a very low crime rate here. I'll just have to keep an open mind about it and adjust as I get more used to carrying. (And someone would probably tell me that step number one is actually getting dressed before going outside instead of staying in my night gown or pjs. At least the weather is about to cool off and my robe has pockets - I could stick it in the remora and in the pocket of my robe! :lol: )
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Re: Plus size ladies carrying


Post by Jilly » Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:46 pm

Check out this website for a CC purse." onclick=";return false;

It won't openly advertise that they (at least some of the purses) are for CC.
Not sure why??

They say there is a side pocket for "valuables".

I have been searching everywhere for CC purses.
Not too excited with what I have found.

Did order one from Concealed Carrie, but it is WAY too big now that I have received it.
Almost like a small carryon.

This Texas Carpet Baggers is very close to my home and I am going to check them out this week.
I did see a display they had at a Sportsman's Banquet a few weeks ago.
Very impressive.

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