question regarding wife's chl

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question regarding wife's chl


Post by karder » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:23 pm

Perhaps one of the instructor's on this forum might have a good opinion on this issue:

My wife has been going through the very long process of getting her citizenship, and about a two months ago she started her process to get her CHL. She has submitted all her paperwork to DPS and we are waiting on the CHL now.

Two weeks ago she passed her citizenship test and now she is going to take her oath of citizenship on Friday. Very exciting for her!

My question is, seeing as how her status is going to change from Resident Alien to Citizen, should she contact DPS now regarding her change in status while they are still processing her license, or should she wait to get the CHL and then contact DPS? Does it really matter? We had considered waiting until after she received her citizenship before applying for the CHL to avoid any changes or confusion, but the citizenship has been a really long process for her. Getting her in the right mindset to apply for a CHL was a long process for me, and wouldn't you know, they converged! My feeling is to wait until she gets the CHL, and then change her status, but she thinks this is deceptive and that we should contact them now. Thanks for your advice in advance!
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Re: question regarding wife's chl


Post by recaffeination » Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:08 pm

How is it deceptive? If she already had her CHL, what law requires notification for a change in citzenship status? I don't think DPS even has a form to change citzenship or marital status unless you also change your name.
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