Perhaps a state issued LTC holster insignia is the answer

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Re: Perhaps a state issued LTC holster insignia is the answe


Post by treadlightly »

A badge would also suggest, to anti gun folks, that chl holders are "compensating" in yet another way.

First, it's assumed a gun is surrogate manhood, and, if we're gung-ho about badges, we'll be accused of being wanna-be cops.

I think being a policeman is a fine thing. I didn't take that career path and I would be trespassing on somebody else's honor to assume the trappings of law enforcement.

I'm American, that's enough, although readily available permits in a shall-issue context don't bother me. To those who say they are a slippery slope, I'd say that in Texas, that may be the case - in our favor. We've gone from 100+ years of repressive gun law to near-constitutional freedom.

Adding a scarlet letter, and now we're backsliding.

If you want a badge with your gun, great. You need to earn a position in a police department.

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Re: Perhaps a state issued LTC holster insignia is the answe


Post by thetexan »

Just to remind everyone that my idea concerns an official state issued "something", holster insignia, belt badge, etc.. There would need to be three parts to the idea...

1. It is an official state issue identifying insignia
2. It would not be mandatory to wear
3. No other badge or insignia could be used. ie. If one is going to wear some sort of badge or insignia it has to be the state sanctioned one, not some dime store badge you can buy on the Internet.

The purpose would be to provide a quick, easily recognized, identifying mark to help identify you and your gun as legitimate to concerned people or LE if one feels the need to wear one and it would stop (by rule) fake badges that tend to give the impression of officialness.

Or not.

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Re: Perhaps a state issued LTC holster insignia is the answe


Post by Purplehood »

State issued sticker like the one that is on your automobile windshield or the back of your motorcycle...stick it on your open-carry holster.
Wouldn't bother me as I would not be open-carrying.
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