Another State Fair failure....

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Re: Another State Fair failure....


Post by drjoker » Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:57 pm

Not only that, that gal with the wand ALWAYS harasses me when I'm carrying.

"Why do you need to carry a gun to the fair?" : visit 1

"I need to search your bag for an illegal knife. You need to turn your pockets inside out so I can see that you don't have a knife." visit 2

"Even though you have a LTC, I still need to wand you to search for a weapon." visit 3.

She is obviously harassing me. I mean, why are you concerned that I have a little pocket knife? I have a GUN for God's sake! Why do you need to wand me for a weapon? You already know that I have a GUN.

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Re: Another State Fair failure....


Post by RogueUSMC » Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:12 am

drjoker wrote:
She is obviously harassing me. I mean, why are you concerned that I have a little pocket knife? I have a GUN for God's sake! Why do you need to wand me for a weapon? You already know that I have a GUN.
Correction...IF you have a gun, she already knows that it is

Knowledge of the existence of a gun or lack thereof is irrelevant.

She COULD be flipping burgers for $15/hr
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Re: Another State Fair failure....


Post by Soccerdad1995 » Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:06 am

Glockster wrote:
Soccerdad1995 wrote:
thetexan wrote:
locke_n_load wrote:
thetexan wrote:Let's pile on shall we.

For the forth year in a row I cc'd into the sw gate at the fair this last weekend. The girl with the wand...who looked and acted like she had little experience at this...waved her wand very haphazardly in the direction of each person with very few beeps. Those times it beeped she did nothing. When she came to me (I was prepared with my LTC) she got to within about one foot of my left side and didn't make any attempt to wand my right side where my Glock 19 Gen 4 (with new Trigicon sights, by the way, all polished up and looks so pretty....but I digress) was peacefully sleeping.

I walked through and complained to the nearest cop who kinda grinned when I asked if he was aware of the ineffectiveness of the screening at the gate. "Yes", he said.

What a waste. How many improper guns might there be in the fair?

What is an improper gun? Like an improper fraction?
In all seriousness, how many undetected firearms were used to hurt someone? Even if someone was carrying without a license, they did so in a manner that did not hurt anyone else or cause any sort of ruckus or was noticed by anyone else. I'm ok with that.
I'm not ok with people with guns without a license getting into an event where there is screening specifically meant to stop people from carrying in weapons that shouldn't have those weapons with the purpose of leaving the impression that security is preventing that. A lot of people are led to believe that the city of Dallas is providing a reasonably safe venue, free from illegal weapons. I'm not naive enough to believe that there might not be some bad LTC apples in the masses but every single illegal carrier is more likely to avoid following the law after having violated it in the first place by illegally carrying. In other words, I would rather be in a crowd of 1000 LTC carriers than 1000 illegal carriers. I think the odds of disaster is much greater with the latter.

Anyway, I agree, it must be intended as a show at security. Heck, most people at the fair don't even realize that the State Fair allows licensed carry. The fact that they don't allow open carry means they want to keep it under wraps.

HEY!!1 WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE!!!!! THEY DON'T ALLOW OPEN CARRY! Isn't that unlawful for the city of Dallas to prohibit open carry?

You probably shouldn't fly then. TSA screening is even worse at detecting weapons. Don't ask me how I know. But let's say that a "friend" might have been unpacking his bag in his hotel room and he might possibly have been surprised to find something that he thought he had taken out of his bag, and which TSA was not supposed to allow on the plane.

If I see metal detectors and security screening, I assume that there will be criminals with weapons that easily make it past that screening. That's why I carry into those places, or avoid them if I cannot legally carry.
I just have to ask - how did your friend get the gun back home? Did he deliberately hide it a second time, assuming he wouldn't have had a lockable case to check it in his luggage.
It wasn't a gun. It was one of those fold up knives that fits in your wallet like a credit card. He forgot that it was in there until he checked into his hotel. He ended up leaving it in his hotel.

Another "friend" somehow managed to leave 5 38 Spcl+P rounds in his checked bag. Good SD ammo too. The rounds were detected by TSA on the return trip. The scariest words you will ever hear from a TSA agent who has pulled your bag from the belt for hand inspection - "excuse me sir, but do you own a gun?"
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