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Re: Power Washer Help


Post by Jason73 » Thu Nov 05, 2009 6:40 pm

WildBill wrote: P.S. Supposedly Jomax neutralizes the bleach. I was careful not to get any on the lawn. I guess will see in a couple of days.
Jomax is mixture of Acetic Acid (vinegar) and water. pH is between 3.0 & 3.5
Bleach is mixture of Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium hydroxide, and water. pH is between 11 & 12

By themselves, both are effective mold and mildew removers. Mixing them together neutralizes the solution, reducing or even eliminating its effectiveness.

Use one or the other, not both at the same time - you will get much better results. If you are concerned with damage to siding, vegetation, etc then just use the power washer with no chemicals - it the psi is high enough you wont need any chemicals.

As far as a power washer is concerned, if you only plan on using it once or twice a year you can rent them from Home Depot & Lowes. This way you can get a gas powered model with a much higher PSI and not have to worry about storing gasoline, high cost, etc.

Good luck :tiphat:

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Re: Power Washer Help


Post by jimlongley » Thu Nov 05, 2009 6:54 pm

casingpoint wrote:
And do be careful: a 2400 psi or higher machine with a 10 degree or tighter nozzle can cut thru wood like a saw and will etch concrete and brick if you hold the nozzle too close
It will also inject you or anybody else who gets in front of it through their skin, causing an embolism requiring emergency medical treatment ASAP.
I had a neighbor whose son tried to powerwash their very dirty dog, nearly skinned her alive. She did survive, but lots of scars. The kid was never the brightest bulb in the box.
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