So many unanswered questions.....

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Re: So many unanswered questions.....


Post by C-dub » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:20 pm

Still some unanswered questions. At least for me.

From the article,
Police issued an arrest warrant for Meza for unlawful carrying a weapon and endangering a child.
1. Meza wasn't carrying the gun when it was dropped. I guess he confessed to having it and giving it to Rivera to carry?
2. Was Rivera also charged with unlawful carrying a weapon? It doesn't say she has and she was the one actually carrying the gun.
3. Can two people be charged with unlawful carry of the same weapon?
4. Where did the child endangerment charge come from? I hope it wasn't because someone possessed a weapon in the presence of a child. Or worse, that they are now considering a 22y old a child now.

If that illegal alien can get off on all charges related to the death of Kate Stienlee then I don't see how either of these two will face anything worse than the unlawful possession. However, stranger things have happened.
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