Quick shotgun question

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Quick shotgun question


Post by JLaw »

Took the new-to-me Winchester 1200 (18.5" barrell) out today to test it out. The 1200 fired fine, kicked like a mule and made a BIG HOLE in the target. I was shooting Remington 12 guage 2 3/4" rifled slugs. Why slugs? Because at this particular range only slugs are allowed to be fired from a shotgun at the 7 to 100 yard range.

So anyways, the round will chamber and fire perfectly, but when you go to eject the shell the slide goes back, but the shell won't eject. It looks exactly as if the fired shell is about 1/8" too long to fit out of the ejection port. I stopped after 3 rounds and did some checking...an unfired shell chambers, extracts and ejects wonderfully, the amunition gets slung many many yards away from you when you rack the slide. Checked the extractor, looks great. Checked the ejector springy thingy, looks good too. All ten rounds ended up not ejecting, had to dig the fired case out of the chamber.

What I'm wondering is if a fired slug casing is a little longer than a fired buckshot casing. Or maybe this Winchester just doesn't like Remington ammo. Either way, I spent all my pocket money on those boxes of slugs, so I didn't get to try some different ammo. I think I'll buy a few boxes of some different brands of buckshot and run up to a different range that will allow 00 buck to be shot at typical home defense distances.

Any input?

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Re: Quick shotgun question


Post by jimlongley »

The best thing would be to fire a round of birdshot or buckshot and compare the fired shell lengths, but I seem to recall that the overall length of the slug shells is longer to start with, which could lead to a longer fired length.
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