One day left...Houston HCGS deals...

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One day left...Houston HCGS deals...


Post by stevie_d_64 »

Went to the GRB here in Houston yesterday with a friend who has been patiently waiting for his ship to come in in regards to a Remington 870 home defense shotgun...

Well we found a table (vendor, and not a big name guy either) that had 6 NIB going for, are you sitting down, good, $309 out the door...

I actually thought it was a pretty good price considering you are buying a name...And I tried real hard to get him (friend) to snag a Mossberg 500 with the same acoupraments over the last few weekends of gunshows in the Houston area...Could not get him to look at one...

I also bought 200 of Hornaday TAP for the .308 for a pretty good price considering...

It was still $8 to get in, and the selection of stuff was pretty good...AJC's and Bachmann from Dallas are dueling at these Houston shows, and making pretty good deals...Competition is good in my book...

Maybe we need to start a gunshow folder/thread???
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